Leader in the House of Deputies strives to transform internet law in agreement between telcos and broadcasters

By Renato Rovai (Forum Magazine)...

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By Renato Rovai (Forum Magazine)

It’s time we put some pressure on Eduardo Cunha sending e-mails, posting memes, calling his office( Photo: Luis Macedo/Câmara dos Deputados)

This blog has learned that the leader of the PMDB in the House of Deputies, Eduardo Cunha is personally striving to transform a long debate in society on an agreement between two economic sectors, telcos and broadcasters. That is , Vivo , TIM , Claro and Globo. The approval of the text of Marco Civil (Bill of Rights) on the internet literally climbed on the roof and will only go down with some level of quality if society starts rebelling.

According to the deal that has been forwarded by Eduardo Cunha,  Globo would be negotiating, at least partially, the neutral sense of the network and would keep the law which garantees that the copyright laws in Brazil would surpass hthe human rights.

That’s right, you haven’t read it wrong. Globo defends that only for questions that involve copyright there shouldn’t be the need of a law suit so that the content is withdrawn from the media. That is, you can defend pedophilia and that would be alright, but if you release the new chapter of the soap opera, your blog will be in trouble.

But the law that helps Globo will allow somehow other groups to benefit from it so they can practice censorship, using the “misuse of image” law.  For example: the groups LGBTS publish texts for their movements and Marco Feliciano can require, via extrajudicial notificationl, the posts to be removed because they used a photo of him. The same can happen with MST if they criticise Katia Abreu. And that law of biographies will become the joke of the day.
Meanwhile , telcos want to be in charge not only of the ducts through which the information goes through ,but they also want to control the information that goes by there . And depending on what is happening, charge a price for it, as cable TVs do .
That is, if you just want to send and receive emails, pay 10 dollars a month . If you want to watch videos on youtube is 20 bucks . If you want a blog , the package is then 30 . Those who  also want to post videos on the network , the price can reach 100 . That is what is at stake. Eduardo Cunha is ( paraphrasing Brizola ) articulating the alliance between Satan and the evil.
President Dilma already given statements in favor of net neutrality and against the law that only is of interest of Globo. But the government’s relationship with the PMDB is in a delicate moment and Marco Civil can pay for it.

It’s time to place some pressure on Eduardo Cunha by sending e-mails. posting memes, calling his office, using all the democratic tools to convince him to back off from this operation.

The cost of the approval of such law to garantee even more privileges to Gloco and telcos in Brazil would be immense and of terrible consequences for Brazil. And for those who defend freedom of speech.

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